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Dec 07

Have a "Get Healthy" New Years Resolution? Order your Plexus Slim today!

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The holidays are fast approaching.  Have you determined a New Years resolution?  Are you ready to act on it?  :-)  

If your resolution includes to get healthy in the New Year please consider Plexus Slim.  One pink drink per day and you are on your way to better health. 

How does Plexus Slim help you to get healthy?  Watch the video testimonies in blog articles at

Dec 05

Water? It's in the news again! Plexus Slim!

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Most folks actually want to drink water when using Plexus Slim.  How about you?  Want to experience water cravings?  :-)  Buy your Plexus Slim at and read the following to get the skinny on water.


10 Myths and Facts About Water

We all need water to live, but how much do we really know about it? From the truth about drinking eight glasses of water per day to refilling plastic bottles, here's what you should know about water benefits.

For something so seemingly simple and essential as drinkingwater, plenty of myths and misconceptions exist about possible water benefits and harms.

Dec 03

Plexus Business Opportunity: Why join Plexus? Listen to the Facts!

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Ready to join me in this journey?  Dial the playback number below to listen to Donnie and Dallas provide the background info on Plexus Worldwide and how you can make money by sharing products for which you have a passion.

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  Today is the day to join my team and get on the financial rewards track! 

Dec 03

How's Plexus Slim Treating You?

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Here are testimonies from Ambassadors and/or their Clients...see if you can relate!   My thanks to those Plexus Ambassadors for sharing their stories.  

For product ingredients/additional information, review

Specific product information can be found at the following:

Nov 29

Plexus Slim Testimonial - Linda Thomas

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Listen as Linda Thomas describes her experiences with Plexus Slim.  Ready to try it for yourself?  Buy now at



Nov 27

Praise for the Breast Chek Kit!

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Ready to Purchase?  Click Here!

Praise for the Breast Chek Kit

From: The United States Congress

Nov 27

Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream

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What’s In This Beautiful Cream?

Nov 27

Pro Bio 5 Ingredient Information

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Click Here for an overview of Pro Bio 5.  Ready to purchase?  Click Here!  

Pro Bio 5 Ingredients

Why put enzymes in ProBio5? Yeast and fungal organisms are comprised of proteins, chitin, and cellulose structures. Proteins are broken down by protease enzymes, and cellulose is broken down by cullulase. The chitin structure can only be processed in the presence of the chitinase (chitosinase) enzyme. The enzyme profile in ProBio5, which is micro encapsulated, is designed to process away the protein-based outer layer of yeast and fungal organisms. This then exposes the interior of these organisms to the cellulose of the chitosinase in the ProBio5. Enzymes are efficient and effective in the destruction of yeast and fungi. 

Nov 27

Bio Cleanse Supplement Facts

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Do you suffer from physical or mental fatigue, constipation, the inability to lose weight? Keep reading to learn how Plexus Bio Cleanse an amazing new product could provide relief to these symptoms and more.  Ready to purchase?  Click Here!  
Plexus Bio-Cleanse is a specially formulated Magnesium Oxide compound with Oxygen Enhancement and Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids.
 Oxygenates the entire body 
 Detoxifies and cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract and arteries 
 Energizes both physically and mentally 
 Neutralizes acidic conditions that may promote pathogens 
 Enhances weight loss 
 Supports collagen production 
 Relieves constipation 
How does Plexus Bio-Cleanse help you?
Plexus Bio-Cleanse oxygenates and energizes your body while detoxifying and cleansing wastes, pathogens and plaque in the gastrointestinal tract, colon, arteries, blood, etc.
Why do you need Plexus Bio-Cleanse?
Many people are in a low oxygen/toxic state. This is caused by poor diet, stress, low activity levels, polluted air and shallow breathing. The body cannot keep up its metabolism in this state, and begins to gather waste products more rapidly than it can 
eliminate them. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microbes thrive in this condition, and can lead to diseases such as flu, Candida, chronic fatigue, etc. Plexus Bio-Cleanse can increase the oxygen levels around these microbes, causing them to die due to their high-oxygen environment.
How does Plexus Bio-Cleanse work?
As the material reaches the stomach's acid environment and continues into the bloodstream, the vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and bioflavonoid complex break the magnesium peroxide bond releasing the ozone and peroxides, softening the intestinal and arterial plaque, and killing pathogenic microbes throughout the body. The ozone and peroxides further breakdown into oxygen which continues to purify and energize all cells in the body. As the liquefied plaques and dead pathogens move toward leaving the body, the magnesium creates a colon flushing reaction, increasing bowel activity and preventing re-absorption of the toxins.
How is Plexus Bio-Cleanse made?
Through our advanced proprietary process, ozone, peroxides and magnesium are merged and bonded into a crystal lattice matrix (similar to air bubbles trapped in ice). Vitamin C and a whole-fruit bioflavonoid complex are added to help break the bond and provide a more sustained release thus creating optimal assimilation.
Most people's primary nutritional focus is on foods and liquids, but the nutrient given the highest priority by the body is oxygen--the lack of which will kill a human in a matter of minutes. Oxygen is essential to the life sustaining process of full oxidation--the optimum burning of fuel (food).
In the past twenty years there have been over 5,000 articles available in medical journals confirming the action of oxygen products on pathogens. Numerous human conditions have been addressed by the use of ozone and oxygen-enhancing compounds. These include excess weight, Candida, arthritis, and Epstein-Barr among others.
In the case of obesity, the primary cause of the excess weight is inadequate oxidation of food, leaving it to be stored in lipid form for later use. The added weight compresses the body cells further, restricting their oxygen supply and intensifying their sensation of undernourishment, to which the usual response is greater food consumption. A higher oxygen level allows the body to oxidize its fuel more selectively, including fuel that was stored away as lipids. More efficiently oxidation provides greater energy nourishment, eliminating inaccurate hunger signals and allowing the body's weight to normalize.
Now, because of an innovative breakthrough in activated oxygen technology, people will be able to benefit from using supplemental sources of oxygen in addition to the air that they breathe.
Through our proprietary process, magnesium, peroxides, super-oxides and ozonides are merged into a crystal lattice matrix (similar to air bubbles trapped in ice). This formula is enhanced by the addition of a pro-oxidant vitamin C/bio-flavonoid complex providing more sustained release function creating optimal assimilation. When orally ingested, this stabilized bonding process is broken on contact with stomach acids releasing large amounts of activated oxygen. As these poly atomic gases are simultaneously dispersed, several events occur:
 The ozonides assisted by the oxidant break into oxygen (02) and singlet oxygen (01). This creates hydrogen peroxide in the stomach which is carried into the intestinal tract with the stomach chyme, softening the impacted fecal matter on the intestinal wall, softening arterial plaque, and killing pathogenic microbes throughout the body. 
 Molecular oxygen is introduced into the bloodstream where oxygenation continues to purify and energize all the cells. 
 The nascent oxygen is also available as a free radical scavenger. Without the free radical oxygen (01), counterproductive free radicals cannot be effectively eliminated. The nascent oxygen combines with the toxic-free radicals. These destructive molecules accumulate due to the absence of the healthy free radical oxygen. (This imbalance has hindered the whole oxidative cycle of our aerobic bodies.) 
 As the liquefied plaques and dead pathogens move toward leaving the body, the magnesium creates a colon flushing reaction in the bowels to prevent reabsorption of the toxins. 
 The high amount of oxygen/ozonides/peroxides released can be measured with peroxide test strips and more sophisticated potassium iodide testing.
 When viruses or bacteria invade a cell and begin to replicate, all new cells are compromised; they are not perfect like the parent cells. Their cell membranes (a lipid "envelope" of protection) are structurally weakened. When ozone is introduced into the body at specific concentrations, any cell that comes into contact with the ozone is affected. The ozone breaks down into activated oxygen and water in the bloodstream and oxidizes almost everything in its path. Activated oxygen's are only attracted to weak cells because of their electric and chemical make-up and, therefore, attach only to the ones with pathogenic microbes inside them.
 Ozone effectively oxidizes the damaged cell membrane. This releases the virus and/or bacteria into the bloodstream (now a highly oxygenated environment) where it cannot survive and where it is oxidized (metabolized). Our formula's magnesium, vitamin C and bioflavonoids also add to nutritional balance. Many people are deficient in magnesium, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Magnesium takes part in the duplication of RNA and DNA. It activates many of the enzymes that speed up chemical reactions that occur in the body (including catalase used in the dismutation process of oxidation).

Nov 27

Plexus Slim Ingredients

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Are you wondering if PLEXUS SLIM is really safe for you to take? Well I did the work for you. Listed below is EVERY SINGLE ingredient that is in PLEX...US SLIM! Dr approved!! All natural and healthy!!! Check them out for yourself and Click Here to purchase!  


Chlorogenic Acid- A phenolic natural product isolated from the leaves and fruits of dicotyledonous plants, including the coffee bean. It is widely used in many fields lik...e food, feed additives, and cosmetics.

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